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HALO 5 Maintenance Free Whole House Water Treatment System

HALO 5 Solves Hard Water Problems

HALO 5 use the HALO ION conditioners to solve these problems by physically treating the water to order to dissolve scale, prevent scale, and inhibit corrosion.

HALO 5 Solves Chlorine Problems

HALO filtration systems are effective at reducing chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from all of your household water. No more chlorine damage, no more bad taste and smell, no more bottled water.

  • Smart Tank: Uses up to 30% less water during backwash over standard tanks. The self-cleaning VORTECH distributor prevents system clogging, and the high-flow design maximizes high efficiency valves.
  • Smart Valve: The Clack head is renowned for its' quality, reliability and programmability. It arrives to your home ready to plug in and play. It retains its' programming even in a power outage.
  • Smart Media: We use premium-grade, NSF-certified, acid-washed carbon media. Due to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 5000 square feet.
  • Smart Media: We use Centaur® High Activity Carbon because it is an outstanding material for effectively reducing stubborn contaminants like chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, other VOCs, bad tastes, and odors.
  • Smart Media: Filter-Ag Plus® is an all-natural media. it is highly efficient for the reduction of suspended matter down to the 5 micron level. Garnet is a hard, dense media that can filter out sediment down to the 10-20 micron range.
  • HALO ION: The HALO ION magnetic water conditioner is the 5th stage in the HALO 5 system. It is designed to effectively control hard water throughout your home without chemicals or any scheduled maintenance.
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