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 The Root Intrusion Solution
Roots can clog pipes causing blockages and sewer overflows.

RootX is the original, non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. It foams on contact with water to kill roots and inhibit growth.
RootX attacks and kills the roots.

• RootX enhances mechanical removal effectiveness
• RootX sticks to the roots and the pipe walls to kill the roots and inhibit growth
• More cost-effective than mechanical removal
• The RootX makes any applicator a root control professional

RootX removes virtually all the roots, restoring pipeflow capacity

• Contains no copper sulfate or metam sodium
• Effective directly from the package or with existing equipment


Enzyme / Bacteria Waste & Grease Digestant
Environmentally Safe Protection
Bio-Degradable – Non-Poisonous – Nontoxic – Non Caustic – Non-Corrosive
Home Drains – Septic Tanks – Restaurants – Grease Traps

The enzymes and bacteria attack organic materials and then decompose them by a natural enzymatic bacteria process. Enzymes break down the solids, thus allowing bacteria to fully utilize them as a food source (converting these organics to CO 2 and water). Enzymes need to be present to break down the waste before the bacteria can perform their digestion. The enzymes we use are unique in that each one is functional and contributes to the biodegrading process. They are:

Lipase – breaks down grease, oils and fats
Pectinase – breaks down pectin's and gums
Cellulase – breaks down papers and fibers
Amylase – breaks down starches
Protease – breaks down proteins

Many harsh chemicals will kill off the biological activity within your system. It is important to replace these natural enzymes and bacteria on a regular basis to keep the biological activity strong within your system.

The biodegrading process is effective at reducing the buildup in pipes, helps reduce solids in the septic tank and soil absorption area, plus reduces grease buildup in grease traps.

No one enjoys the foul odors, messy clean up and hassles of clogged drains! Contact us Today to Help keep your drains, septic tanks and grease traps clean and running smoothly!


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